HW A300-600 Emirates

Herpa Wings 1:200
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Limited Edition #0386

The Airbus A300-600 is a derivative of the successful A300 B2/B4 versions, full of technological innovations like digital avionics, the most modern piloting and navigation systems, the board testing system, the two man cockpit, an improved wing profile with wing tip plates for a better airflow, and more powerful jet engines. The increase in power made possible by these improvements has made the A300-600 an example to all subsequent medium and long haul planes since the 1980s. The model is an exemplary one as well, as it is lovingly composed of no less than 84 components which carry a total of 145 imprints and stampings. The model carries the detailed livery of the relatively young but highly renowned Arabian airline Emirates. Another example of the high precision are the fully sprung landing gear and the air intakes of the jet engines: their blades of the first compressor stage start turning even if you blow on them very softly.