HW B737-300 Continental Airlines

Herpa Wings 1:200
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Limited Edition #0533

The Boeing 737-300 is one of the most popular airplanes in the western world. This short haul plane is operated by more than one hundred airlines, and its success results from the fact that, among other things, it is equipped with the CFM65 jet engine with its high bypass ratio. CFM developed this very reliable jet engine with its small fan because there was not enough space underneath the wings for the initially planned engines. The visible differences, compared to the preceding model from the 200 series, are the oval air intakes, the altered wing tips, and the extended fuselage. These modifications lend the model its clear-cut shape; especially the jet engine nacelles flattened at the bottom draw the eye immediately; they are reminiscent of a fish's mouth. This model carries the livery of Continental Airlines which currently operates 65 planes of this type.